Six Tips and Tricks for how to best use cable ties

The many ways that cable ties can make life easier

Who would’ve thought that humble cable ties could prove to be an invaluable item in a wide range of workplaces?

The best cable ties can make all the difference especially when it comes to telecommunications and data networks.

The variety of uses can be almost endless, but we will look at 6 top tips and tricks when it comes to using cable ties the most effectively.

The Top Six Benefits of using cable ties

There is a whole range of cable tie uses across a range of industries.

Here are the top ways you can benefit from their use;

  1. Easy installation
  2. Increased efficiency
  3. Safer workplace
  4. Improved reliability
  5. Reduce cable stress
  6. Identifies various cabling

It is the clear boost to productivity and the ability to deal with cabling issues more efficiently that makes using cable ties a no-brainer.

There are no tricks to using cable ties – just remember that you can often reuse them if they are of proper quality. If anything, the trick is to always buy a quality cable tie so you know your cabling is looked after properly.

The back story to the cable tie success story

Cable ties have been around for a lot longer than you realise.

They were first invented back in 1958 as a design feature for wire harnesses in aircraft. The wiring for aircraft comprised of thousands of metres of wire held in place with wax-coated nylon cord knotted tightly. Each knot was wrapped around the finger and often cut the operator’s finger in the process. There had to be a better way.

That led to the idea of the cable tie and it has been developed further over the years with use in a variety of applications.

It’s important to remember that not all cable ties are the same and not all cable tie uses will apply to you.

There are different ties with different lengths and strengths. For cabling, you want to know that your cable ties will stand up to the tension of the cables and to the lower temperature environment.

  • Installation

Cable ties with a low threading force make it easy to use for installation and maintenance of cabling issues. This means an increase in efficiency due to the time-saving device and the ability to identify cabling more easily.

  • Workplace Safety

There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly rearrange the workplace or site because of safety issues. This is all the more important with cabling. With the right use of cable ties, you can have a clean and safe environment for all your cables and wiring.

  • Reliability

In today’s cut-throat world, having an edge in reliability is a huge asset. There is no point having your expensive equipment maintained whilst ignoring the issue of cabling. Having data cables in the wrong position or in danger of being damaged is a serious matter. The reliability of your data, records and systems management is on the line. That’s why getting the best cable ties and clips pays off in more ways than one.

While cable ties seem to be a simple item, they can save a complex range of issues in an effective and efficient way.

Where to find the best cable ties

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