Why the Clipsal Iconic range eclipses everything else

When it comes to the very best in well-designed electrical accessories you can’t beat the Clip-sal Iconic range.
From power sockets, switches and skins, to simple smart home functionality, the Clipsal Iconic range has set the standard in modern living for each and every home.

For something as integral as power point covers and mounts, you need something that’s…well, Iconic. That’s the Clipsal Iconic range in every respect.

Iconic is loaded with features that are clever and stylish, all designed with the sole purpose of making your life easier.

Easy to use and easy to customise

Because the Iconic range is designed with electricians for electricians, it’s easy to see why it’s the leading brand.

Transforming the electrical accessories field is one thing – delivering the future, right here and now is another.

With the latest in modular mechs and grids with the changeable Clipsal Iconic skins and dollies, the ability to customise is unparalleled.

Problems with other brands

Power point switches have a fixed lifespan but this is especially true in cheaper power points.

The lifespan will depend on variables like how frequently they are used and what they are used for.

With wear and tear come the more serious safety concerns of the power points.

It may be something as obvious that one of the switches droops or drops to one side or becomes loose – this is not a purely cosmetic issue - it means the power point needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Power points are hard working items so it makes sense to go with the best of the best – that’s where the Clipsal Iconic range stands out.

A special thing about Clipsal

If you need more evidence of why Clipsal are the leaders in electrical accessories, just think about a humble light dimmer.

With a Clipsal Iconic dimmer you can add a new level of style and convenience to your lighting. The special LED rotary dimmer switch has an adjustable 315° brightness setting which gives you the chance to alter the lighting to your tastes and set the mood for any room.

There’s more to the sleek, clean design – it’s about adaptability too. Having the choice of which way something like a Switch Plate skin can be mounted is just one example of the variety of the Clipsal Iconic range.

he Clipsal Iconic has your household needs taken care of, from multi-way light controls to night walk sensor lights. There’s even energy-saving sensors and special USB chargers too.

The ability to upgrade at any stage

One of the best things about the Clipsal Iconic range is your ability to adapt to the times and upgrade your space in no time at all.

The options are almost endless, including items such as:

  • Switch Plate Skins
  • Cooker Switches
  • Cable Entry Plates
  • Banana Audio Connectors
  • Voice & Data transmitting sockets

The options go on, all with the mark of quality that is a hallmark of nearly every single Clipsal Iconic review.

Is it any wonder than Clipsal is the first choice for electricians and other professionals right across the country?

The Clipsal name is synonymous with quality, style and usability.


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