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Every Uninterruptible Power Supply relies on a battery that kicks in when there is loss of power from the main-source. That battery is the lifeblood of every UPS system.

You don’t want to ever have to second guess your secondary power source. Your entire data can be at the mercy of any power outage.

There is too much at stake to make any mistakes. Having a quality UPS with network grade power conditioning protects you.

UPS Battery Replacement

The most intelligent and efficient network power protection is an invaluable asset.

Part of that process is your UPS battery and its replacement. Remember, your UPS battery runtime is an integral function of the electrical load and design in the UPS unit.

Having a UPS in itself shows that you are already planning for the unexpected.

Planning and implementing your UPS battery replacement needs to be done regularly.

Passing the UPS test

Even the best UPS battery won’t last forever. Staying on top of the condition of your batteries should be part of your maintenance schedule.

With regular servicing and testing you’ll know if and when your UPS battery needs to be replaced. The replacement of UPS batteries is a safe procedure when carried out correctly.

It’s how this process is handled that can mean the difference between ensuring your power supply is safe or if your data is left in a vulnerable state.

The risks in UPS battery replacement

It is important to be aware of the risks associated with replacing your UPS battery.

Some of the more serious risks include:

  1. The UPS may no longer protect the load in the process of battery replacement. Any faulty cabling could cause a breakdown that forces the bypass supply to switch in which means the load is unprotected.
  2. The incorrect handling of the battery increases the likelihood of a fault.
  3. If the battery charger has the wrong calibration, there is a risk of fire, explosion or thermal runaway meaning the destruction of the battery in question.

Benefits of APC smart UPS 3000 battery replacement

Having the security of using an APC Smart UPS battery gives you complete peace of mind. Knowing that you can replace the battery and still have:

  • USB & Serial connectivity
  • Disconnected battery notification – warning that a battery cannot provide back-up power
  • Audible alarms that let you know if the unit is on battery, if the battery is low or there is an overload
  • Network manageability

Having the ideal UPS is a huge asset to your business. You have back-up for your servers, Point of Sale, hubs, switches, routers and other network devices.

The best part is that you have a dynamic battery replacement date indicator. The automatic self-tests ensure your UPS battery reliability and give advance warning of the need for replacement.

Convenience is taken to a whole other level. Ease of connection is just one aspect.

With the APC smart UPS 3000 battery replacement is hot-swappable, eliminating the need for any powering down.

You would be hard pressed to find a safer and more secure UPS battery replacement.

Any trained user has the ability to upgrade and replace the batteries easily and efficiently.  With the added safety aspect to APC products, you have a winning combination for your UPS.

The APC Difference

Designed and manufactured by APC for over 23 years, Smart-UPS is the world’s most trusted network UPS with over 25 million units sold across the globe.

There is no other name you need to know when it comes to protecting equipment and critical data from expensive interruptions and disruptions.

APC Smart-UPS is the trusted by millions of IT professionals right around the world. For the benchmark in reliability and manageability, APC Smart-UPS is the only name to remember.

It’s the intelligent battery management of APC Smart-UPS that helps to maximize performance.

Where to find your Smart-UPS battery

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