Three Golden Rules for Data Cable Tester Tools

The ins and outs of data cable testers tools

Quality is important. When it comes to network and data cabling, it’s crucial. There is too much at stake when you are relying on cabling and equipment to supply data in the most effective way. Even a small glitch can mean hours of downtime and loss of revenue. It may not be apparent on the surface as to how much damage has been done by network troubles or loss of data. In certain circumstances, those issues can be devastating to a business. That’s where data cable testers tools come into the equation.

Where data cable testers tools can make all the difference

Whether it’s the initial installation or ongoing maintenance and trouble-shooting, your network and data are only as safe as the skills of your technicians and their tools.

That’s why any technician worth their weight knows the importance of quality data cable testers tools. It’s their reputation that’s on the line. Having quality testing tools is Rule Number One.

Seeing future problems today

A quality network cable tester can give even the most novice tech the ability to see what speeds existing cabling will support. It also means they are able to isolate cabling quickly from any network problems and discover what is going on at the far end of any cable.

Suddenly, these network techs are able to close trouble-shooting tickets faster and more efficiently. This reduces on-call time and saves money by using assets more effectively. Cutting back on the problems that can escalate is an added advantage. Having the ability to see problems before they occur is Rule Number Two.

Reduce escalated problems by as much as 30%

With the right testing equipment at the ready, your technicians have the ability to identify and troubleshoot a wider range of network problems. Is the port active? Are settings matched up? Is the trouble a network problem or an Ethernet cable problem? Can the Ethernet cable support the network bandwidth? Answering all these questions before matters rise to the next level can reduce problem escalation by up to 30%. That’s a really significant benefit.

A thorough approach to data cabling

Being able to perform a series of both cable and network test functions can help you isolate any problems with connectivity. Knowing the nature and location of cabling faults and performance issues is a major bonus. When your techs have the ability to close trouble tickets faster, they can halve the time it takes to complete cable troubleshooting.

Aiming to make better fixes

Working out what is wrong is one thing. Making sure that the network and all the cabling is performing to its best is a step up. And there you have Rule Number Three – make the process easy. It’s always beneficial to know what your needs are and how to achieve the optimal results. Data cable testers tools can streamline efficiencies within a business. It’s a sure way that your tech will be able to deliver a multitude of advantages. 

A clear example is how quality data cable tester tools can locate cables and wires with superior accuracy:

  • Finding cables easier
  • More accurate tracing than any other tool on the market
  • Toning and tracing safely on a live network
  • Providing two digital tones and four analogue tones

These tools answer unique network testing needs while providing an added level of operational assurance.

Where do you get the best in data cable testers tools?

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