UPS Battery Life Expectancy

How long should a UPS battery last?

According to manufacturers, the average UPS battery life ex-pectancy is around 3-5 years of use. This isn’t a hard and fast rule - there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your UPS. Looking for a replacement UPS? Buy UPS Australia wide with Data Depot. We have everything you need to get connected.

Maximising UPS Battery Life Expectancy

UPS Placement:

Where you put your UPS can really affect how well your UPS functions in the years to come. Try to keep your UPS away from windows and areas that have moisture and dust. Temperature control is a key factor. Try not to put your UPS in direct sunlight and make sure there is good ventilation nearby. You don’t want to overheat your batteries. According to APC, 25°C is the optimal temperature for your UPS. Every 10°C above the ambient temperature will reduce the life of the battery by 50 percent.


Running a battery calibration can help to extend your UPS battery life expectancy. Once or twice a year is enough - excessive calibration can cause a loss of capacity.

Regular Maintenance:

Visually inspect your UPS regularly to check for any damage. Make sure dust and moisture is not present on or near the device. If your batteries have been fully discharged, they need to be recharged within 48 hours to avoid dam-age. Be mindful of excessive discharging and recharging as this can prematurely age your battery.

Backup Batteries:

If you know you’re reaching the end of your UPS battery life expectancy, you should stock up on replacement batteries. If you’re storing batteries, they need to be charged every 6 months to avoid damage. Stored batteries will have a permanent loss of capacity within 18-30 months if you don’t charge them. Make sure you store your replacement batteries in a cool, dry place.

Power Saving Devices:

If you use high quality, energy saving devices connected to your UPS, it will help to extend the life of your battery. Equipment that consumes less power will help with temperature control and put less stress on your UPS.

How long will a UPS keep my computer running?

Backup power is precious. Properly maintaining your UPS battery will help you save minutes when you need them most. According to APS, an entry level 550VA rated UPS supports around a 330 Watt load. This type of UPS can run 300 Watts worth of equipment for around 4 minutes. If you’re using one PC (around 150 Watts worth of equipment), you probably have around 10 minutes before you run out of power. Most UPS batteries last from anywhere from a few minutes to around half an hour. If you want a UPS battery backup 8 hours or more in size, it will depend on the amount of watts your equipment is using as well as the size of the UPS. There are ways you can maximise the capacity of your UPS battery - this is best achieved with the help of a tech professional.

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