The power of UPS

Why you need to buy a UPS in Australia

UPS and power supply go hand in hand. Power is all about reliability. Any Australian and any Australian business should know that their power is in the safest hands or better yet, in their own hands.

That’s where UPS and battery backup systems come into the equation.

Having the ability to control and protect your power is an asset worth more than imagined.

The benefits of having your own Uninterruptible Power Supply are many and varied.

  • Safeguards important equipment
  • Provides continued operation
  • Uses power more effectively
  • Detects power fluctuations and adjusts
  • Can be remotely managed
  • Often eco-friendly

The small investment in getting

The benefits of a UPS in Australia

Data loss and downtime are a significant danger to businesses in Australia.

You want to be sure your network and computer system is protected at all times. There are no second chances when it comes to keeping your precious data safe.

Too many businesses are at the mercy of power surges and blackouts.

These safeguards are invaluable when it comes to asset protection and there is nothing more important to protect than your data. You will only ever know how much you rely on your data and how precious it is until it is lost.

The vulnerability of Australian businesses to power loss

It’s not surprising that Australia is a continent that is known for its harsh climate. With global warming contributing to more severe weather conditions, power blackouts are a growing concern across the country and industries.

One example is when South Australia experienced one of the worst blackouts in history. In September 2016, storm damage to the electricity transmission network resulted in almost the entire state losing its electricity supply. 

With the state being hit by winds of over 220 km/h and more than 80,000 lightning strikes, it’s no surprise that businesses felt the impact of the power blackout.

The estimated cost to South Australian businesses was $367 million.

This economic carnage is not isolated to just one state.

The ease of a UPS

Knowing that your data is safe from being compromised and your business won’t be one of those that could be shut down during a blackout gives you a special peace of mind.

When it comes to being easy to use and easy to service, a quality UPS ticks all the right boxes.

Many offer the benefits of a simple one step battery connector, a cold start function and off-mode charging. A compact sized UPS allows you to connect bulky transformers without blocking any other outlets.

Power at any crucial hour

Disaster, such as a power blackout, can hit at any time or the day or night. Having your UPS and battery backup systems in place means you have the protection you need whenever you need it.

You shouldn’t cut back on the quality of equipment you use. Similarly, you shouldn’t cut back on the protection for that important equipment.

Saving yourself the hassle and heartbreak of losing data is just one aspect of a UPS. Saving the cost of data and equipment loss is another reason to go with a quality brand.

Where do you find the best range of UPS in Australia?

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