The Upside of UPS

The clever choice of an APC Smart UPS

You know how important a UPS can be.

You also know how crucial it is to have a quality UPS to back you up.

You won’t get better than an APC Smart UPS.

The question is - which UPS will you need?

A range of APC Smart UPS choices on offer

Whether you’re looking for a quality APC computer UPS for sale or a Home UPS that will cover your household needs, head to a place where you can get it all.

Having an extensive range of UPS systems is one thing – having the backup of UPS accessories is another. With both available to you, it’s easier to make the best selection all in the one hit.


Why does APC stand out?

The APC Smart UPS are trusted by millions of IT professionals worldwide. 

Why do they choose APC Smart UPS to protect their equipment? Why is APC best in safeguarding critical data?

Having the supply of reliable, network-grade power means avoiding interruptions that can prove incredibly costly. 

APC Smart UPS come in a variety of models (entry level, standard and extended run). 

The ability to choose a model for a small or medium business looking to protect their networking devices is there. This includes protection for point-of-sale (POS) equipment and basic servers. 

Critical servers, security and communication systems can be backed up by models that accept external battery packs for long runtime. This covers power outages that can last for hours.


Why is an APC Smart UPS a smart purchase to make?

You won’t get second chances when it comes to protecting your server and data.

Saving a few dollars but leaving yourself exposed to dropout and connection issues can be a critical mistake.

That protection extends to a Home UPS. Power outages can create a huge impact in a home environment and even individual devices.

When you find an APC computer UPS for sale, it can be a powerful purchase. It’s another way to add value to whichever computer you have while giving you extra peace of mind.

The price of an APC Smart UPS 

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Whatever the unit and power capability, you now have access to a whole quality UPS range that APC offer.

As an exclusive online reseller of APC, the Data Depot team are proud to offer customers great prices on a huge range of power solutions, including UPS, UPS network cards, UPS power saving backups and power distribution units.

Whether it’s an APC computer UPS for sale, a Home UPS or the ideal UPS for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches and hubs – Data Depot has you covered.

Talk to the professionals in power

If you have any questions about which APC Smart UPS is the best choice for you – our expert team are always here for you.

You can forget downtime and get a UPS that covers you now.

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