Where to Buy APC Products

When it comes to reliability – APC products are legendary.

Reliability is crucial when you need Uninterruptible Power Supply.

APC leads the way in UPS reliability with a range of quality products you can depend on.

With APC UPS Australia has the very best in power supply back-up available.


A power outage can be devastating for a business. It’s usually due to an overload or fault in the power supply. Either way, the damage can be costly.

It has been estimated that one third of Australian businesses lose between $18,000 to over $450,000 in a power outage incident. Yes, that is each separate incident.


The cause of a power outage is often irrelevant to a company that has lost its power.

Whether it’s an overload or fault in the line, the bottom line is that you are losing money.

An overload is usually caused when the demand for electricity exceeds the supply of power.  

Every minute or even seconds of downtime has a compounding effect for a business. Any extended downtime can be costly in more ways than one.


Protection equipment are designed to:

  • cut off the mains supply to limit any equipment damage 
  • avoid power surges
  • keep your business working
  • help prevent further issues

Your UPS should kick in immediately at the break or interruption of power.

It is at the moment of initial power loss that computers are at the highest risk. If work is not backed up, that work can be completely lost and internal components could be fried and therefore need to be replaced.

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That’s when the benefit of a quality UPS comes to the fore.

APC is leading the way, with a range of products that are some of the best in the World.


Accidents to power lines or transformers are the usual case of faults. Lightning or other extreme weather events can also be a reason for a fault in power. Having an increasingly volatile climate, Australia has some incredibly unpredictable weather, high winds and vicious storms.

The increase in these conditions means a higher risk to power supply. The sooner you have your power supply backed up, the better.

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Power supply back up is integral to business confidence. Having the trusted quality of APC UPS Australia has the ability to work through power outages.


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