Which Netscout network tester is right for you?

The First Step to Solving a Problem is Finding it. Fast!

NETSCOUT introduces the industry award-winning Handheld Network Test Solutions including the OneTouch, LinkRunner, AirCheck, LinkSprinter and AirMagnet product lines. HNT Solutions make the complex simple - Enabling IT professionals to plan, deploy, validate and troubleshoot access networks by providing visibility across the access network.


LinkSprinterLinkRunner ATAirCheck G2OneTouch AT G2 or 10G
RJ-45 Fiber/Copper Wi-Fi/RJ-45 Fiber/Copper/Wi-Fi

10-second quick check for:

- PoE voltage
- Link to the switch including slot/port/VLAN
- DHCP and static IP
- Gateway
- Internet connection
- Open, Short, Split cable test

Includes functionality of LinkSprinter plus:

- PoE load Testing
- Network mapping
- Connectivity test for twisted pair/fiber optic
- Remote reflector for OneTouch

- 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wireless network tester
- Detect/locate access points
- View channel utilization
- Determine 802.11 vs. non-802.11 traffic by channel
- Quick ethernet connectivity test
- 100/1000/10G link validation
- 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac troubleshooting
- Inline VoIP analysis
- Intermittent network problem detection
- Packet capture
- Path performance testing top 10G*
PC help desk
MAC Support
MAC Support
MAC Support
Wireless Architects
Network Engineers
Network Administrators
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 Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Problems

aircheck g2 wireless tester

AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester

This handheld wireless tester is a simple tool that helps pinpoint wireless problems quickly. It’s easy to navigate touch screen is simple for any level of IT professional.

airmagnet wifi analyzer pro

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Pro

This dedicated Wi-Fi network monitoring and troubleshooting software solution detects any wireless network problems. It allows experienced network professionals deeper analysis of wireless problems including packet capture.

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 Troubleshoot Wired Problems

linksprinter network tester

LinkSprinter Network Tester

This small device is used by IT novice and experts alike to test and validate Ethernet links in less than 10 seconds. It is the perfect device to leave behind at remote locations and inexpensive enough to outfit fleets of networks professionals with a personal Ethernet tester.

linkrunner network tester

LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester

This handheld device is used by IT technicians for complete copper and fiber network connectivity testing. This handheld tester can verify twisted pair Ethernet cables and map out messy network closets with ease.

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 Troubleshoot Wired & Wireless In a Single Network Tester

onetouch network assistant

OneTouch AT G2 Network Assistant

Network Engineers love the OneTouch AT G2 for pinpointing both wired and wireless network problems in a single device. The customisable auto-test profiles allow Network Engineers to provide scripted tests for junior level technicians and see wired and wireless networks tests side-by-side to help pinpoint network problems faster.

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