Why is my Data Cable Not Working?

Why is my data cable not working?

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing connectivity in your home or office. No matter the nature of your browsing history, a data cable failure can cost you hours in productivity or simply interrupt your afternoon of leisurely internet surfing. If you’re continually yelling “Why is my data cable not working?” then it might be time to review your Internet setup.

At Data Depot, we are experts in everything you need to get connected. With some troubleshooting and essential data cable management accessories, we can help you get your network back on track.

Take a look at these data cable hacks for maintaining your cables and investigating a connectivity issue.


Before you blame your Ethernet data cable, there are a number of things you can check to ensure it’s definitely the cause of the problem. Follow these steps to identify a faulty cable or eliminate it as a cause for failure:

Try different router ports → Your router might be causing the problem, so try shifting the cable between the different ports and see if that makes a difference.

Verify connections → Before asking “Why is my data cable not working?”, check that the cable is properly connected to the router port. While you’re there, check that the power cord for the router is properly plugged in and that any cables connected to your device are secure.

Check the cable for damage →  Have a look for visible damage – this is a dead giveaway when you’re looking for the culprit. This might be obvious damage like broken or frayed wiring, or kinks and twists in the cord. Remember that the damage might be internal – if you can’t see the problem, don’t let your cable off the hook just yet.

Check your device settings → There is a chance your device might be the real reason for your data problems. Run a diagnostic and contact the manufacturer help forum for more advice. If you’re using hardware from Data Depot, feel free to contact us for more information.

Turn it all on and off again → Sometimes, the answer to your connectivity issues can be as simple as this. Reboot your device, the router, turn it on and off again at the power point – try all of these things before you replace any hardware.

Why is my data cable not working?

Cable Management Solutions 

The main reason most cables stop working is damage. You can avoid wear and tear by keeping an orderly cable system. This means identifying, tagging, tying, and clipping your cables to make sure they don’t get tangled or trampled over time. Investing in data cable organisation will not only reduce the chance of damage – it will make your entire system easier to use.

Check out Data Depot’s range of cable management solutions here.

At Data Depot, we have cable trays & runners, cable ties & clips, label printers & cartridges that will help you keep all of your data cables organised. If you’re dealing with bulk cables, there’s no better way to manage your system. By looking after your equipment, the next time you ask yourself “Why is my data cable not working?” it less than likely damage will be the cause.

Have a go at the following cable management tips:

Use Labels  Add a label to each individual cable. This will help you save time when troubleshooting issues or replacing equipment. This is really handy in any workplace environment where you have a multitude of cords connecting to different devices.

Use shorter cords → During your next data cable installation, take note of the length of your new equipment. Are your cables longer than they need to be? Replacing long cords with something shorter will reduce the chance of unnecessary tangling and associated damage.

Bundle Cables   Use a tie to secure a large bundle of cables. This way, they won’t be free to take up all the space under your desk and get caught up in your legs and feet. Check out our range of ties and clips here.

Buy a cable tray →  A plastic tray will contain your cables and keep them separate to allow easy installation and removal. If you’re looking for damage, this system will help you locate a problem swiftly.

If you’re still asking the question, “Why is my data cable not working?” why not get in touch with our expert team. Whether it’s replacing your existing data cables or finding a better cable management solution, we can help you get back online quicker.Browse through our online range today for every accessory you’ll need in your home or office.