Corning TKT-UNICAM-PFC TUniCam® Connector High-Performance Installation Tool Kit

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TKTUNICAMPFC Corning UniCam® Connector High-​Performance Installation Tool Kit, High-​Performance, LC, SC and ST® Compatible

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Corning UniCam® high-performance connectors offer best-in-class optical performance in a fast, easy field-termination solution. These high-precision ceramic ferrule connectors guarantee exceptional insertion loss – 0.1 dB typical/0.5 dB maximum per connector pair for multimode, 0.2 dB typical/0.5 dB maximum per connector pair for single-mode. Installation of an LC, SC or ST® compatible connector can be accomplished in about 50 seconds with the UniCam high-performance tool kit. The lightweight, handheld installation tool and the high-performance cleaver virtually eliminate human variability during installation, ensuring terminations are right, the first time, every time. This kit was designed with consideration for the network installers, from the cleaver, with its intuitive, handheld precision design and dual-clamp precision hold, to the installation tool, with its immediate go/no-go feedback signal indicating proper mating of the field fibre to the fibre stub. Installation is as easy as strip, clean, cleave, cam and crimp, with exceptional optical performance guaranteed. Every UniCam connector is guaranteed to meet the published specification at the time of installation or Corning will replace it.

The main offering in installation kits is the UniCam®High-Performance Tool Kit (TKT-UNICAM-PFC). This carefully designed tool kit virtually eliminates human variability from the installation process. The TKT-UNICAM-PFC includes a lightweight, hand-held installation tool with an immediate go/no-go feedback signal to provide unmistakable confirmation of a successful termination. The kit’s hand-held high-performance precision cleaver has an integrated fibre scrap bin and a dual-clamp precision hold for the field fibre, as well as a diamond blade to achieve a superior cleave. It can be used with multimode or single-mode LC, SC, ST® Compatible UniCam Connectors (standard- and high-performance) and is required to achieve high-performance specifications for UniCam High-Performance Single-mode Connectors.


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