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TERA® is Siemon's Category 7 connector used in Class F and FA cabling systems. It's a non RJ-45, shielded connector. Since it is not RJ45 based, you cannot use your DTX-PLA001 with DSP-PM06 or DTX-PLA002 Permanent Link Adapters. Likewise, you cannot use your DTX-CHA001, 001A or 002 Channel Adapters.

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You need to order the DTX-TERA kit. You will need a DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer. If you have a DTX-1200 CableAnalyzer, it can be upgraded to a DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer by purchasing the DTX-1200 Enhancement Kit, Part Number: DTX-1218E.

Do NOT order just the DTX-PLA011 TERA Permanent Link Adapters. You will also need at least one DTX-CHA011 TERA Channel Adapter so you can Set Reference with the main and remote units. (Shown below)

Test Limits
You will find the Class F and FA test limits under the ISO folder:

Class FA is rated to 1,000 MHz (1 GHz). However, when you select a Class FA limit in the DTX CableAnalyzer, the test limit will stop at 600 MHz. Why? To answer this, we'll look to what the standard states. ISO/IEC 11801 Amendment 1 and 2 defers testing requirements to IEC 61935-1. 

In IEC 61935-1 we see the following text:


6.7 Accuracy performance requirements for Level IV field testers over 600 MHz 
The Level IV requirements shall apply to measurements of class FA cabling up to 600 MHz and pass/fail evaluation criteria shall apply. Measurement data over 600 MHz shall be provided for information only. Detailed requirements over 600 MHz are for further study.

Accuracy becomes a real issue above 600 MHz for field testing. At 1,000 MHz, the Insertion Loss accuracy is going to be at least +/- 6 dB.
At the heart of the problem, is that in the field, the main and remote unit can be up to 100 m (328 ft) apart from each other. The end-to-end measurements (Insertion Loss and FEXT) are going to be compromised due impedance mismatches.  In the laboratory, both ends are terminated into a laboratory network analyzer. So the meaasurement is going to be more accurate because you can calibrate for impedance mismatches. But that is impossible if both ends are not close together, as in the field. There is no feasible solution other than making the mismatches as small as possible, which is what the DTX CableAnalyzer does. As a result, at the last IEC 61935-1 meeting, no field test equipment manufacturer came forward with an accuracy proposal above 600 MHz. The test equipment manufacturers present were Fluke Networks, Ideal Industries and Agilent. Despite this, there continues to be claims of Level IVe accuracy to support Class FA. There is no such thing, not even in any draft standard. 

In the current code for the DTX CableAnalyzer, Class FA has been added to the tester. The limit will stop at 600 MHz as per IEC 61935-1. However, the measurement will continue to 900 MHz for Insertion Loss, ACR-F/PS ACR-F and 800 MHz for all other parameters. 

Siemon accepts testing to 600 MHz for their warranty approval.

If you purchase the kit (recommended), part number DTX-TERA, it will come with (2) DTX-PLA011 and (2) DTX-CHA011.

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