Clipsal Iconic Essence

New Release: Irresistibly simple to install

Timber detailing never goes out of style, especially for those who are "at one with nature". Iconic Essence has smooth, round wooden edges, inspired by classic comfort and elegance. And the natural birch timber edge highlights each light switch and power point.

Iconic Essence is the newest set of skins from Clipsal to complement the Iconic range of electrical accessories. There are two changeable skin options, with more to come. Iconic’s new skin design simply clips onto standard Iconic grids. Its simple efficiency that’s sure to turn heads in any new build or renovation.


  • 1. Irresistibly simple to install
  • 2. Upgrade the existing Iconic platform to give your home or room a fresh new look and feel with clever home-enhancing features you will love
  • 3. Real timber edge finish to complement existing décor

The Clipsal Iconic Essence range comes with two changeable skin options:

  • - AW - Arctic White (pale 'birch' timber lacquered for protection)
  • - AG - Ash Grey (pale 'birch' timber coated with dark coloured matte finish and lacquered for protection)

Data Depot is pleased to stock Clipsal’s Iconic range, with competitive pricing and free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $150. If you are looking for part numbers not listed on our website, or looking for pricing on a large project, please contact us directly on 1300 944 030.

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Iconic Australia

Whether you're talking about iconic Australian landmarks, cuisines or people, there's always one that springs to mind. When it comes to home electrical accessories, it has to be Clipsal Iconic.

Choose from Iconic, Iconic Styl and Iconic Essence skin designs. These three designs offer you an abundance of choice through nine different skin colours and metallic finishes.

Introducing the standard Clipsal Iconic range

Before you swim, you dip a few toes in. The same goes for new technology. If you're not ready to jump in with both feet, then you need a basic option to prepare you for the future. Iconic skins come in four different colours and lay the foundations to scale up!

The freedom to express yourself

Once the grid plates are safely installed by a qualified electrician, you can change your Iconic light switch and power point skins at anytime. Simply clip off the standard skin and clip on a fresh new look!

Smart AND stylish home electrical accessories

Iconic caters for everyone. Choose from standard switches and power points, right through to smart-home technology. No matter what level of tech you have behind your accessories, you can update their look to suit your new home.

Clever features

Iconic is loaded with clever features, designed to make your life easier. From USB chargers and night walk sensor lights to energy-saving sensors and multi-way control of lights, the Iconic has got you covered.

Optional LED indicator lights: Iconic gives you the option to add subtle warm white LEDs to every light and power switch. You can set them as indicators, to show which ones are in use; or as locators, so it's always easy to find the right switch in the dark.

Night Walk feature: Simply plug your Night Walk accessory into an Iconic double power point. When movement is detected, a subtle LED discreetly lights a safe path throughout the home. It's also the perfect night light for kids' rooms!

USB charger with handy, little shelf: Cluttered kitchen benches and side-tables will soon become a thing of the past. Our three-socket USB charger includes an optional shelf to hold a tablet or up to two phones. It's perfect for bedrooms, kitchens and living areas.

Keeping you connected at home: Iconic's modular design offers a complete range of options for connecting home computers, smart devices, TVs and audio equipment. You can arrange up to six different connectors in one Iconic plate.

The simple, scalable smart home solution: New technology shouldn't be something to fear. It's designed to make your home life easier! With Iconic, you can control a range of functions and set schedules based on your predicted energy usage.

Stay in control of your energy usage: Clipsal Iconic advanced control options include the ability to do it all from the Wiser app on your smartphone or tablet. You'll be able to adjust your light switches, timers and dimmers without leaving your bed, bath or couch!

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